Duck and Cover! The atomic bomb changed the world forever... I wish I understood why I have such nostalgia for the mayhem of the 1950's. The world was equal parts promise and fear. I think of sweet and smoky tiki lounges, hip swinging lounge music, and the bile of the atom bomb. The cult classic movie, The Atomic Cafe recounts the fear and love of the bomb using only the voice of its time.... There is no narration. Goverment propoganda films and US Army training videos, over 10,000 films in all were reviewed to create the montage that is The Atomic Cafe. The effect is stunning, funny, and sometimes horrifying. There is footage of a minister giving an interview saying that husbands should include guns as part of the protection of their bomb shelters in order to keep people out of the shelter. It was quite a time, and The Atomic Cafe tells the story nicely. For more information on the movie, check out the web page which recounts Jayne Loader's part in the production of the DocuRama.

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