How can you use Pinterest to build a business?

Learn how the website Pinterest works from blogger and Pinterest expert Cynthia Sanchez. Have questions about getting started with Pinterest for your business or blog? Not sure if Pinterest is right for you? Get the basics on Pinterest and learn how Cynthia Sanchez has turned Pinterest into a successful blog, podcast and business. (

ps: I met Cynthia Sanchez at Tech After Five in Charleston. When I think of the benefit of showing up at a place just to discover someone new, I think of our chance encounter. She is a cool cat doing cool things and from her I learned about a social media platform I didn't even know how to ask the questions about.
Cynthia Sanchez (OhSoPinteresting) and her husband Rob at Tech After Five in Charleston, SC.

Should I buy now or wait for the next generation of smartphone?

This is a show from our archives...and one of our favorites. We talk about the buy versus wait decision for any new technology and then answer questions on how to make your internet experience faster. We tell you what you need to know about using a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot. Is it worth upgrading your Mac? Also, how do you pick a tablet? Plus we discourage a caller from having us in her home. Really. You don't want that. Do you?

What If You Could Engage Your Community?

What If You Could Engage Your Community?

I recently got a chance on YourDay to sit down with Adam Gautsch and talk about the birth of WhatIfGreenville, WhatIfAnderson, and now the tool that any community can use to engage it's stakeholders. We learn that the wisdom of the crowd can be brought to bear on many community problems and you are likely to learn a great deal more along the way.

The easiest way to video conference an iPad with Android plus your calls

Join me, Phil Yanov and Eric Rodgers in a live and lively discussion of computers, cameras and all the other electronic and digital technology in our lives. We talk about Amazon Prime Music, how to use Google Hangouts to video conference between Android and iPads, how to pick between tablets, and editing video on an iPad.

Do Something New This Month

Is there something you've been meaning to learn, but haven't? Are you letting Resistance stop you from beginning? Sometimes you just need a little push. Getting started can be the hard part... but it is so easy. Just start. Do it today. Use the calendar to give you that little push. You can do any thing for 30 days. Read a book. Write a book. Learn Yoga. Practice Meditation. Write a blog. Just do something. new.

In this TEDTalk, Matt Cutts will inspire you to try something new in just three and a half minutes. I dare you to watch it.

Nine Ways To Make Networking Work For You

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Are you tired of networking events that are a complete waste of time? Are you sick of always meeting the same people and the "wrong" people at events? Do you feel like you don't know what to do, who to talk to, or what to say when at a professional event? Well, here are a few steps you might take to help.

By the way, this is a Haiku presentation that I created as part of a talk I give on Professional Networking. It is also my first swing at a Haiku deck and I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer on how to make it more engaging, more helpful, or more relevant to you.  If you think I've missed something, please let me know. Send me email. I'm Phil at Thinkhammer or press the email me button on my About Me Profile.

Nine Ways To Make Networking Work For You


    Networking events can be scary and useless. It is too easy to come away from an event feeling like you've wasted your time and didn't meet any of the "right" people. If you follow a few rules, you can keep that from happening and turn any room into your advantage.

    For many events it is possible to know who is going to be in the room before you even get there. Get the list either from the event site or one of the organizers. If they don't share the list, then ask the organizers if they can give you some idea of who to expect so you can make a list of who you'd especially like to meet. At Tech After Five events ( there is even an app that you can use to target contacts that would be especially useful for you. 

How to have dinner with George Takei for $6, and why you should

photo credit: Gage Skidmore via photopin cc

Like most Americans, I follow George Takei, the man I once knew as Star Trek's Leutenant Sulu, on social media. I started following because of the many fond hours I spent with him at the helm of the USS Enterprise when I was a kid. I've kept following him because he has a wicked sense of humor and posts incredibly funny items on his Facebook, Google+, and twitter feeds. His posts are gems. He is a funny and charming guy. His posts feature clever word play on Star Trek, Star Wars, unfortunately misspelled  signs and goofy animals photos over improbable captions. They make me laugh and sometimes think -- with just the right amount of each.

I've yet to meet George Takei, but I have just finished his latest book, Oh Myyy!, How was it? I feel like I've just had a lovely dinner with George Takei and I enjoyed every bit of it. Oh Myyy! is a breezy 246 pages where the author talks about the title, his life, and his adventures with Twitter and Facebook. Just in case you haven't been watching, George Takei has 6 over million followers on Facebook and another million on Twitter. When he talks, Facebook listens and when he talks about Facebook, he should certainly be worth listening to. He comes across as a caring guy who would be a lot of fun to engage in conversation. He cracks jokes, tells you what's important to him, and talks about how he balances his goals against the expectations of the tribe that has built around him. My guess is that reading this book might actually be better than actually having dinner with George. The book contains more conversation than you could fit into any one evening, you can go back over the most interesting parts more easily and he has already anticipated the best questions you might ask of him and he has answered them personally and succinctly. Like I said, it was lovely.

ps: The Kindle edition of Oh Myyy! is about $6.

Live Radio - How do I keep my online self safe? Is this Mac worth fixing? We take your calls

 In this show we talk to callers about:

  • Why we like rugged phones
  • When do you fix your Mac? (or buy a new one.)
  • Should I buy a Roku or Apple TV or something else?
  • How to keep your online self safe.
  • A cool virtual globe.