Is the Productivity Pack a good deal?

UPDATE (2015-2-6) : Now a three month Dropbox Pro subscription has been added to the deal. (You get it even if you have already paid.) This makes the deal even sweeter -- if you are into good deals.

Original post:

On Tuesday, the Productivity Pack was revealed. It offers the awesome Evernote, password manager LastPass, to-do-list app Wunderlist and the read-it-later service Pocket bundled premium subscriptions to all four services in a single “Productivity Pack” for $59.99

I have used all four services at various points in my software evaluations. At this point I pay for Evernote Premium, which is $45 per year and LastPass Premium at $12 a year.

If you aren't using these apps, then maybe you should be giving the free versions a whirl. If you're quick to make decisions on these things then you can get that first year at a discount.

Will you please describe what you do? (So people will get it.)

I listened to an interview with restaurateur Mario Batali a few weeks ago. He said that you must be able to describe a restaurant's concept in less than three sentences. He said the message needs to be clear so that the customer can determine if they want to be a part of your experience. If you can't describe your endeavor succinctly, people are going to lose interest in you before you even have a chance to connect with them.

I think the same is true for our personal and business endeavors. This especially matters if your endeavor looks to build a tribe or a network to help you find the customers you need. The person you may be attempting to connect with wants to be able to slot you quickly. Can you help them do that?

If people are going to listen to you... If people are going to remember you... If people are going to be able to recall you when they need you, then you must get this right.

If you fail, they wander off.

Can you tell me what you do in in 3 simple sentences or less?

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The Fastest Way To Find Your Elevator Pitch

If someone asks you what you do -- can you tell them?

Chances are you have a tight 30 second commercial ready to roll off your tongue at a moment's notice.... Or not.

Most people can't tell you what they do. 
It's not because they are terrible public speakers. 

They can't articulate what they do because they perform their jobs on autopilot. They may be great at that they do, chances are they are at least good at it. They've never thought about the people they help and the stories those people tell.

If you can't tell your story, just ask a happy customer what you did for them. They will give you at least one good answer you can share.

That guy on the elevator should get a clear answer from you. He might need your help.

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