What are you building?

Every day You are turning out bricks. The building blocks of your life.

Sure, some days and some bricks are better than others, but they are coming out one after the other.

The question becomes, what are you building with them?

Are you building with intention? If you are not, you are not alone.

But is that what you had in mind?

A planner builds with intention. It may take years to build, but even with setbacks, if the planner's intention is unwavering, the majestic building gets built.

It's too easy to end up with a dog house.

I want a castle.

About Phil Yanov

Phil Yanov is a Technologist, Columnist and Public Radio Commentator.

He is the founder of Tech After Five as well as the founder and President of the GSA Technology Council and the IT Leadership Council.

His personal technology column appears in Greenville Business Magazine and the Columbia Business Journal.

He co-hosts the Your Day technology shows heard on NPR radio stations across South Carolina and is a frequent contributor to technology stories appearing on radio and television.