Search Google News for Colymbosathon ecplecticos and you will get a wide variety of headlines. The staid Miami Herald reports "Researchers discover oldest male fossil" while MSNBC claims Oldest known male fossil bares all. Of course we have to go to the United Kingdom to get such gems as Fossilised shrimp has the oldest winkle in the world or the Sun's HERE is the oldest willy ever found. The Telegraph goes straight to the point by proclaiming 425m-year-old penis found! All of this because researchers have discovered a pee-pee on an incredibly well preserved fossil of the ancestor of a waterflea believed to have lived and died over 425 million years ago. While a waterflea's appendage can extend as long as 1/3 of its body length, this fossil shows something a bit shorter, and all of that on a bug that was less than 5mm long. Never before has so much been made of so little... a thing.

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