Lennox Lewis Announces He Is Retiring...

Personally, I really wanted to see Vitaly Klitschko and Lennox Lewis go at it a second time. What a spectacular combat that first fight was. Lennox, one of the greatest heavyweight champs of all time got surprised by a competent fighter who was all heart. Lennox was unprepared and Klitschko took advantage of it. When the fight was stopped due to the cut over Klitchko's eye, he screamed he wanted to continue. He felt that he was winning the fight and that he only needed a few more rounds to knock Lewis out. The doctor rightly stopped the fight. The gash above Vitaly's eye was awful. When the judges revealed their scorecards, Klitschko was ahead by two points on all three. The doctors stopped the fight, and Lewis dodged the bullet. He got lucky and walked away with a victory and his World Boxing Council heayvweight belt.

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