Viral Marketing & The Presidential Election

NovemberCalling is using a viral marketing program to attempt to swing the Presidential Election to the blue. It looks like they have got at least some of the principles of a successful viral campaign right. They began their effort with a well-networked and motivated audience. They built an attractive website that initiates the conversation and builds confidence in their ability to carry out their mission. And lastly, the website builds trust by being especially sensitive to privacy issues. This will make it much more likely that someone will join the site and participate.

I like the idea of voters engaging would be voters. The concept would work for any group. I think for Democrats it is likely to be more effective due to their "underdog" status. As of this writing, the site is brand new. There are just over 100 names on the list. I'll take a peek at them closer to the election to see how its working.

Here's what they ask:
> Promise to show-up and vote against Bush/Cheney
> Promise to make reminder-to-vote calls right before the election
> Ask everyone you're planning to call to join the phone tree too

The website leaves no doubt about its pupose. It is scratch built to engage its visitors in the effort to de-elect President Bush.


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