Wiki Wars - The War of Words In The Encyclopedia We All Write Together

The Wiki Encyclopedia is a market conversation that allows a group of vocal writers to arrive at the truth by concensus. The Wiki is an open enclyclopedia where anyone can become an author, editor, and de facto encyclopedist. Each person contributes, hopefully thoughtfully, to the various articles with the grand idea that we will arrive at the sum of all of our knowledge preserved in a group document.

An article in Red Herring points out that open democracies like the Wikipedia can be kind of messy.
As of October 8, [2004] Wikipedia’s President Bush entry had been tweaked 3,953 times. Its entry for Senator Kerry had been modified 3,230 times. By contrast, Wikipedia’s article on Jesus has only been edited 1,855 times since the site’s inception in 2001.

qv: Red Herring: Wiki Wars

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