Fall Brawl IV Results - Wonderboy Stuns Crowd in "Photo" Finish

After seven exciting kickboxing battles had been completed, the capacity crowd at the Simpsonville Activity Center was on its feet for the opening bell of the headline match. Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and Jason "Sledgehammer" Reeves came out, touched gloves, exchanged flurries, and got to business - for all of sixty seconds. Just one minute into the first round, Wonderboy was standing and Reeves was on his knees. The crowd was stunned and bewildered. Many, including the fight doctors, couldn't understand why Reeves would not get up. The referee called the fight and then officials, spectators, and the fighters themselves watched the fight on a replay monitor to see what had happened. Only when watching the fight on the monitors could everyone clearly see the lightning fast hard right hand that Stephen had thrown to Reeve's temple. That single punch put Reeve's on the canvas and left Wonderboy extending his professional kickboxing record to 2-0, all wins by knockout.

Complete results of the evening's action:

Bronson "The Drill" Sargent from Douglasville, Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 142, 5'9", 9-7-80, Mike Wood) defeated Osvaldo "The Wiz" Jimenez from Mexico via Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 140, 5'2", 7-29-76, Ray Thompson) by unanimous decision 30-25, 28-27 & 28-27. Jimenez lost a point in round 2 & 3 for missing his kicks.

Jared Warren of Bradenton, Florida, USA (3-0/1, 151, 6', 11-20-83, Eric Marshall) defeated Michael Huff from Joelton, Tennessee, USA (0-1, 151, 5'9", 29, Richie Plant) by TKO at 31 seconds of the first round with a spinning backhand.

Becki Halloran of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (2-1/1, 137, 5'7", 7-20-71, Ray Thompson) defeated Erin Cantrell of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (4-4/1, 139, 5'5", 6-6-74, Kelly Leo) by TKO at 1:48 of round 2. As referee Dan Stell was stopping the bout, Cantrell's corner threw in the towel. However Stell's back was to the center of the ring and his stop came before the towel was thrown in.

David Lowery of Bradenton, Florida, USA (5-0/1, 178, 6', 3-5-71, Amir Ardebily) defeated Malford Jeter of Brevard, North Carolina, USA (2-2/0, 173, 5'10", 12-27-22, Russell Ziegler) by TKO at 1:41 of round 3.

Evan Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (2-1/1, 197, 6'3", 6-26-84, Ray Thompson) defeated Kit "The Hit" Morrow of Douglasville, Georgia, USA (0-1/0, 197, 5'10", 5-7-75, Mike Wood) by TKO at 1:54 of round 3 with a round kick to Morrow's head.

Brenden "Cash Money" Carpenter of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (4-1/2, 208, 6', 2-20-67, Ray Thompson) defeated Christopher Baten of Sumter, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 208, 6', 4-22-80, Self) by TKO at 26 seconds of round 3.

Professional Matches:

Zack "Attack" Day of Martinez, Georgia, USA (Pro: 4-1/0, AM: 18-2/7, 5'10", 171) defeated Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA (KB: 12-1/11, Pro Boxing: 16-8-2/9, 5'11", 176) by majority decision. Judge Lee Bradan of South Carolina scored it 66-66. Judge Peyton Russell of Minnesota scored it 68-64. Judge Mike Wood of Georgia scored it 67-65. Bartinelli was deducted a point in round 6 for hitting Day in the back of the head after being warned twice by referee Dan Stell. An officials review of the judges scoring on this bout was requested which will take place this coming week. The three unofficial IKF Scorecards at ringside scored it 67-66 Bartanalli, 67-66 Bartanalli, and 67-67 even. after subtracting the point deduction for hitting to the back of the head, the unofficial scorecards read 66-66 even, 66-66 even, and 67-66 Day.

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (PKB: 2-0/2, AKB: 33-0/18, 190, 6') defeated Jason "Sledgehammer" Reeves of Aberdeen, Mississippi, USA. (PKB: 10-2-1/5, AKB: 14-1/11, 196, 5'11", Self) by Knockout at 1 minute into round 1 with a right hand.

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