Jesus, Santa and Elvis - together at last!

2005 creche castEvery year we try to do something a little bit special with our creche. I guess this started when I was a kid. We would set up the Holy Family along with the shepherds, angels and magi in a lovely little shed. As I remember, the set was old, porcelain, and a little bit elegant. My brother and I would then come in and dress up the set by adding a Spiderman or Batman action figure that happened to be about the right size for the scene. We'd have spidey swinging from the top of the shed and perhaps stand Batman in conversation with the three wise men.

Since then, I have continued the tradition and try each year to add a bit of irony to the scene. This year, prior to the launch of the creche, I assembled the majority of the creche cast for a photo and present it here for your enjoyment.

Note the stately Elvis (the fourth king) looking on from above. I think he approves.

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