Podcast: Your Day - Insane amounts of Storage!

Did you hear the 12/26 Your Day Podcast? If not, you can listen here as Eric Rogers and I talk about email, pictures, and amazingly huge amounts of storage...

The web is a big place. It so amazingly, mind bogglingly big that it offers websites that offer nearly unlimited email storage. Google's GMail offers over 2 Gigabytes of email storage space for free.

Yahoo's email integrates into all of the Yahoo offerings including their portal page. If you want access to a lot of information on one page, then you'll like Yahoo a lot. Also, they have just started a beta test of a brand new user interface for their email that looks great. My early test leads me to believe they are still working the bugs out of the systems, but it looks great.

Kathryn 2880
As you heard me mention, Flickr still offers an insane amount of photo storage online. (Flickr Photo Sharing) You can even share adorable photos of loved ones on blogs and websites like this one. (Isn't she cute?)

Did you really hear me try to explain Perpendicular Magnetic Recording? Just in case you didn't get my homespun analogy, then perhaps you'd prefer to visit the Hitachi web page that explains PMR with a Flash animation. (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording)

Listen: Listen to the full Your Day Podcast.

By the way, the tech segment starts at 15 minutes and 44 seconds into the show. I'd recommend you start at the beginning, however, as I really enjoyed Bob Becker's discussion of Santa as a possible "dead weight loss."

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