Another sad Bluetooth saga...

My question to Nextel Support:
Why can't I listen to music through my Bluetooth headset on my i870 phone? I get the error message "Connected Accessory is not compatible." How do I remedy this? I am using an i870 phone and a Motorola HS850 Bluetooth headset.

The answer from Sprint (together with Nextel) support:
Please be advised, the Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Headset is only compatible for voice conversations. In order to listen to music, you will need to purchase a stereo headset.

Bluetooth has always suffered from over promising and under delivering. It should be a lesson to us. It's just now an acceptable technology in a very limited number of circumstances. Much of what we wanted it for, however, it just isn't delivering in a way that delights.

Nextel is telling me that they have included an MP3 player for my phone, but to listen to the music through a headset, I have to use a wired headset even though my phone supports Bluetooth headsets.

It's so ridiculous that I am still having a hard time believing it. Maybe I can appeal to a higher power. (Would that be Odin?)

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