Young Filmmakers create dreams with high tech cameras

One day last week I was talking to my pal Jose about his son John and the movie he shot using a high tech prosumer video camera. They had recently issued a press release on the debut of the film...
John Ferrer, a 22-year-old resident of Greenville and former student of Wade Hampton High School, the Greenville County Fine Arts Center, and the North Carolina School of the Arts, will debut a feature-length film, Grownups, at 8 PM on Monday, January 30th, at the Handlebar, 304 East Stone Avenue, in Greenville. Ferrer wrote the screenplay and directed the film, which features a cast and crew comprised of numerous area residents.

The release goes on to talk about how they did this on no budget using a Canon XL-2 camera. My friend Ken is doing something similar, and the resulting picture quality is amazing.

The equipment clearly exists for these talented guys to create movies and edit them at home. For those intetested in the journey into film making, Ken is talking about his experiences in a blog and podcast targeted at independent film makers just like himself and John.

via: GSA Technology Council

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