Internet Explorer 7 - You will install IE7

Microsoft really, really wants you to install IE7 --

When Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP is ready to ship later this year, Microsoft plans to urge users to get it by making it a "high priority" update via Automatic Updates...

Sure, you can choose not to install it, but the fact is it will be delivered to you as a High Priority update. I know this has generated quite a bit of furor in the blog-o-sphere, but I am not sure this is such a bad thing. Your current version of Internet Explorer probably has a number of security holes in it. The new version is intended to be more secure, more likely to protect you from spyware, trojans, etc.

What to do? I think installing it is the right thing to do. Although I am a Firefox user and intend to keep Firefox as my default browser, there are plenty of times when the Internet Explorer code is running and I have almost no power to say "no" to it. Just yesterday I was running the LinkedIn toolbar within Outlook. It was clearly using Internet Explorer to show me their webpage. I wouldn't choose to use IE to do that, but it is the default behaviour and there was no apparent opportunity for me to do otherwise.

Since IE is going to run on your PC whether you like it or not, why not install the safest version of it you can. It will cost you nothing other than the time it takes to download.

via: PC World Today @ PC World

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