Wanna know if you are totally hip to what's going on right now?

How many of the following can you explain in one breath?
1. britney spears
2. valentin elizalde
3. cyber monday
4. christmas wallpaper
5. national weather service
6. nativity
7. christmas tree
8. kate winslet
9. kendra jade
10. charlie brown christmas

What do they have in common? They are this week's top gainers in the Google Zeitgeist. How can Google claim to have a clue to the Zeitgeist? Well, if zeitgeist means the spirit of the time, and as a group we all end up searching for the things we think about, then Google is as good a place as any to catch the spirit of the (online) world. Peer into the many minds of the world's citizens by country on their zeitgeist by country page.

Always totally hip to tech, but not nearly so on pop culture, I couldn't tell you anything about numbers 2 and 9. Until I click the links, I won't know if they are tennis players or porn stars. That puts me at eight out of ten and in my system that's earns me a grade of "B."

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