Ding! Dong! DRM is Dead

It looks like DRM (Digital Rights Management) is finally dying.

A flurry of articles indicates, as we have been hoping, that the music industry will stop hobbling our music, rendering it unusable by those of us who have paid for it.

Digital Music Says:
There are rumors flying that one of the big four is set to release a significant portion of their catalog in DRM-free mp3 format, which means that somewhere in label-land, someone finally managed to get their medication all straightened out. The big question is, who?

Net Music Countdown:
Amazon may be offering DRM-free MP3's to compete with Apple's iTunes,

Reuters says:
Ailing Music Biz Set to Relax Digital Restrictions

It's about time. The articles seem to indicate that the treason for this increasing interest is flat CD music sales. It's also interesting to note, that the newest DRM scheme on the block, Microsoft's Zune is having some trouble gaining traction as well.

Market research firm Current Analysis, has released results on how Microsoft's digital music player Zune has fared in the market. According to the results, Zune could not get into the top ten list of music players sold during the holiday season in the United States.

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