How good is your password?

It seems that easy to guess passwords are all the rage. I am amazed by the number of people who still use their initals for their password. Better websites are now allowing you to check your passwords for length, use of odd characters and the like. Microsoft has even launched a stand alone password checking website to allow you to test various passwords without logging in to anything.

Try the Microsoft Password Checker.

Weak passwords invite the bad guys to take your stuff. I am all for strong passwords. What's a strong password?
  • Minimum of eight characters in length (ten or twelve is better)
  • Contains lower and upper case letters
  • Contains no dictionary words
  • Does not contain your name, initials, or date of birth
  • Contains symbols (i.e. $%&*#)

I am sure the list above will change over time, especially as password hacking systems get more sophisticated. For now, the guidelines above should help keep you safe.

By the way, I predict that a number of "bad guys" will soon be trying to gather passwords by hosting websites that look like Microsoft's password checker. You've been warned.

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