Parade Photos -- 2007 Scottish Games Parade in Greenville, SC

I shot some, several, a lot of pictures of Scottish Games Parade that piped it's way through downtown Greenville tonight. It's hard for me to shoot a lot of pictures in a small amount of time because the pocket camera I use takes a lot of time to recharge its flash or to move the pictures from it's internal memory to the card memory. Still, I shot a couple of hundred frames tonight in hopes of getting a few good ones. Here are a few:

The slideshow above is a Picasa slide show. This is the first time I have ever used it. I have a preference for the community tools built into Flickr, and first uploaded my pictures there. After 15 minutes or so, the upload had finished, but processing still had not. In fact, quite a few minutes later, Flickr still hasn't processed the pictures into my photostream. I got frustrated waiting, so I decided to give the PicasaWeb Photo Album a try. I like it. It worked when I wanted it to. I am sure there is something to be learned from that.

ps: The Flickr version finally got posted. Compare it here.

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