Cuil overheats in launch, why we should care

The latest fad in search is Cuil. I've heard it's pronounced "cool," but it doesn't really matter as it's servers have overheated before the morning rush has properly started.  This is good for them.  Well, not the overheating, but the overwhelming interest in getting better results from search.  We hope that whether it be cuil or someone else, that there is some competitor or other market force that keeps Google innovating.  We want to know everything and the tool that best understands the question I am asking and can deliver the most relevant answer with a few surprises sprinkled in should be the one to win my search queries. Mike Arrington's initial tests of Cuil over at TechCrunch yielded no delightful surprises at all in the results, in fact it looks like Cuil has come in second best every time.  It's not a propitious start, but let's hope for some toy surprises to appear in their results later in the day.

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