The Ten Commandments of Blogging still ring true

I am participating in a panel about corporate blogging tonight and decided to review the Ten Commandments of Blogging that I wrote three years ago. While I can't say they are timeless, they still seem to hold up.
1) Thou Shalt Speak in Thine Own Voice.

(Everyone has a natural voice when they write. Some people are cranky, some are funny, some are strictly business. All voices can be ok, just make sure the voice you use is your own. If you try to sound like someone or something you're not, your readers will spot the fake right away.)

2) Thou Shalt Edit For Spelling, Grammar, and Clarity.

(Why annoy your readers with misspelled words, bad grammar, misplaced modifiers, and ... [unfinished sentences.])

3) Thou Shalt Respect Your Reader.
(Always act like the reader is smarter and more noble than you are. If you treat your audience with disdain, they will wander off, bite the hand that feeds them, or worse.)

seven more...
Now,  I have to go count how many I've broken lately....

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