Your Mangatar probably doesn't look like you

In just a few days, FaceYourManga has given hordes of the Twitterati a new look. Gone are many dimly lit camera phone snapshots, all replaced by a wide-eyed avatar created at the FaceYourManga website. It is a step up for some, and a simple diversion for others. The site makes it easy to create a manga, it's much like creating a Mii on your Nintendo Wii. The problem is that it isn't quite flexible enough and everyone starts looking the same. Scanning through my twitter friends online, it looks like quite a number have gone the manga route, especially the west coast crowd. I suspect this fad doesn't last very long. Twitter is about sharing experiences, and once we've all shared this one, we'll realize it wasn't interesting enough to captivate.

Get yours at Face Your Manga.

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