Apple releases a new Touch, Nano, and iTunes 8

Steve Jobs says he isn't dead yet, and he's got some cool new stuff to show for it. He started up by letting the HD crowd know that HDTV shows were coming to Apple TV for $2.99 each. Also, NBC will be returning to iTunes as well. He also showed off the following:

ITunes 8

The new iTunes 8 uses screen space better and makes it easier to find what you are looking for through a new algorithm that figures out what you might like to listen to next.

A New Nano

Of course there is a new Nano. It's the thinnest ever made and now has curved screen, recording, and and "the shake." The built-in accelerometer let's you give the nano a shake and enter the shuffle mode.

The new Nanos will be available in two memory sizes and eight colors. The 8GB version sells for $149 and the 16GB version $199. Jobs says both should be available within the week.

A New Touch

A redeveloped iPod Touch has been unveiled as well, delivering more memory for less money. The latest Touch will also have access to the Apple App Store, with new games to be released as well. The latest version of the Touch OS, 2.1 will be available for download on Friday.

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