Snap! My destructive stress test of Google Chrome begins

Loading Google software is usually quick and easy.  The new browser, Google Chrome was no exception. I was able to download and install it in a few minutes, having only to exit Firefox while it imported my Firefox  bookmarks.  So far, so good.  If you are a Firefox power user, you will certainly miss the awesome bar functionality. (I love the way Firefox almost reads my mind.)  What I did gain was a browser that seems to be quite a bit faster, but most importantly one tab can crash and leave the others intact.  I will admit that I haven't tried to do anything extraordinary with Chrome, but my normal every day usage of every other browser brings  it to a halt a few times a day.  It's normally script related and I'm in a page that's doing some heavy editing when the browser takes it's nap.  Today, I was pasting rich text into GMail when one of the Chrome tabs went black and filled with the following message:

The good news?  I didn't lose any of my work in the seven other tabs I had open. Count them below.

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