The Red Elvises on Saturday!

We WILL be at the Handlebar on Saturday to hear our favorite band, the Red Elvises!

Red Elvises 6306The Oktober Revolution returns with the Stooges of the Steppes - the Red Elvises! And they've got a new album, too, Cooking With Jesus. The surf rock/rockabilly madmen have 10 studio albums, a double live album and have been featured in TV and movies, including Six String Samurai, Mail Order Bride, VH1's Behind the Music and Melrose Place. An addictive combo of high-octane rock, hilarious lyrics and vodka-accented crooning, the Red Elvises are incapable of anything but an amazing show. Nutso psycho-billy, their outsized balalaika, wild animal-print suits, pelvic gyrations and on-demand crowd participation has created a worldwide Rokenrol Revolution. One of our most-requested bands, the Elvises are a guaranteed good time. If you haven’t seen this band, cancel what you have planned and get your glasnost on! AND WHAT COULD MAKE IT EVEN BETTER: YES FOLKS, A FUN RED BULL PROMOTION -- making that vodka-infused fun ...

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