Congratulations Posterous - A simple idea finds an audience and funding

Mike Arrington reports over at TechCrunch, that Posterous has received $725,000 from XG Ventures and others.  Posterous is an absolutely elegant implementation of casual blogging. No account is required, there is nothing to set up.  Simply email your post and they format it into something that looks better than most blogs.  It can handle audio, video, and photos.  The Y-Combinator app launched in June, and I've been using it since November 11th to post odds and ends that don't quite belong on this blog, but I thought have been worth saving. One of the great features of Posterous is the ability to have the service autopost your emailed posts to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and others.  You can even control this feature by formatting the email address to which you address your posts.  Post@posterous for example sends it to all of your registered services, while posterous+facebook will send it to only the Posterous service plus Facebook, ignoring Twitter, for example.

There can't be a lot of people who need yet one more place to post things on the web, but a service like Posterous makes occasional or even regular posting to your blog even easier.

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