More than half of all American adults play video games on their...

The Pew Internet Project recently released a data memo on Adults and
Video Games.  Among the main findings:

More than half - 53% - of all American adults play video games of some
kind, whether on a computer, on a gaming console, on a cell phone or
other handheld device, on a portable gaming device, or online

Age is the biggest demographic factor in game play by adults. Younger
adults are significantly more likely than any other game group to play
games, and as age increases game play decreases. Independent of all
other factors, younger adults are still more likely to play games.

Among older adults 65+ who play video games, nearly a third play games
everyday, a significantly larger percentage than all younger players, of
whom about 20% play everyday.

Age is also a factor in determining an individual's preferred
game-playing device. Gaming consoles are the most popular for young
adults: 75% of 18-29 year old gamers play on consoles, compared with 68%
who use computers, the second most popular device for this age group.

Out of all the gaming devices, computers are the most popular among the
total adult gaming population, with 73% of adult gamers using computers
to play games, compared with 53% console users, 35% who using cell
phones, and 25% using portable gaming devices.

Read the full report:

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