A few good podcasts you may not yet be listening to (with Audio)

Future Tense host Jon Gordon recently asked for favorite podcasts via a Twitter request .  I dropped in a vote for my favorite long form audio podcast Radio Lab .  It is the smartest podcast I've ever found and I make sure to catch every episode. Radio Lab covers science in an approachable, meaningful way that celebrates discovery and the people who are doing the hard work in modern science. Hosts Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad are giddy in their presentations and their love for science shows in every second of the show. Bravo to them and thanks to Jon Gordon for including my comments.

Below is a link to the Future Tense podcast which includes my recommendation. I'd also use this time to recommend you add Future Tense to your iTunes list as well.  Every weekday Future Tense shines three minutes of light on some area of technology that you quite probably have overlooked. The show airs on many public radio stations, so every edition is broadcast quality and of the highest production value. Take a listen.

This Future Tense episode features a few words from yours truly.

Good podcasts for your idle time 
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We asked folks on the social network Twitter to share some of their favorite podcasts. Here are some they liked:

Onion Radio News
MacMost Now
In Our Time
Radio Lab
This American Life
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews


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This repost includes an audio player so you can easily listen to the podcast mentioned.  Pretty sweet, eh?

Good Podcasts For Your Idle Time by American Public Media  
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