How to bring 200 times normal traffic to your blog

TheBrandBuilder (aka Olivier Blanchard) just sent me a note thanking me for contributing to his post on on tweeting your way to unemployment.  This really is a tribute to the power of collaborative storytelling.  I saw a link on Twitter to the emerging story.  I thought "What this needs is screen shots and pictures." I went hunting, pulled them together, and then posted my short item here.  Olivier, then picked up my pieces, and undoubtedly said to himself, what this needs is more story, and someone to explain why this matters.  He did that masterfully and succinctly, on his blog.  The story then crossed some threshhold, where all of the pieces: the random Twittering, the explanatory illustrations, and the prescriptive narrative rewarded Olivier with a link on the front page of Digg.

That sent him 102,000 readers in a day. That's about 20 times his normal 500. Huzzah! The web works.

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