What's new in the Blackberry Facebook App version 1.6

Facebook for the Blackberry version 1.6 came out over the weekend and sports some pretty cool new features.

Here's what they say:
  • NEW! View your friends’ highlights like status updates, photo uploads, comments and wall posts.
  • NEW! Check out your friends’ profiles with access to status updates, wall posts, friends and recently added pictures.
  • NEW! Open recently added photos, entire albums, or tag photos of friends. You can even comment on pictures!
The most striking think about the new app is the interface and new features. The new app wipes the screen when loading a new tab.  The effect is slick and makes the Blackberry Curve feel just a bit more hip.

The new version of the app also asks if you'd like to connect with Calendar, Message, and Contacts and offers to update the photos on your Blackberry with Facebook profile photos.  (Pretty cool!)

The new version also allows you to have your posts spell checked before sending, a great help.

Most of all, I like the idea of having photos on my Blackberry updates from FB.

The Link: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/devices/features/social/facebook.jsp

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