Xoopit for Gmail is closing November 13

It's official. Xoopit is shuttering their service for GMail users. I just got the notification below. It's been an interesting service, although I stopped using it for GMail several months ago due to performance problems. Also, I only used a couple of the features which were easy enough to get out of Greasemonkey scripts. They mention that they're now working on the Yahoo! Mail photo service. I sure do wish they'd make the Yahoo! Mail work on the smaller screen of my netbook. It just gives up. The Xoopit for GMail closure announcement appears below:

Dear Xoopit for Gmail user,

We will be officially turning off Xoopit for Gmail on November 13, 2009, to focus our efforts on making My Photos for Yahoo! Mail an amazing product and bring those features to all Yahoo! Mail users. Given our focus, we decided we cannot adequately support the Xoopit for Gmail product and give you a great experience in the future. Here are some details to guide you through this transition.

Do I need to download any files or pictures?

Most Xoopit for Gmail users follow standard Gmail conventions and choose to archive—not delete—mail. In this case all of your data should still be accessible via Gmail. If you have ever posted to a blog from Xoopit you should download those photos and host them on another site (e.g., Flickr). If you do not download these photos by November 13, 2009, you will no longer be able to access them through Xoopit.

Are there Gmail features that can help me?

Yes! The following Gmail Labs features may help with your migration away from Xoopit.

Search AutoComplete
YouTube previews in mail
Picasa previews in mail
Flickr previews in mail
Google Search
You can also do searches like "filename:(jpg OR png)" (to see all the emails that have photo attachments) or "has:attachments" (for all the emails with attachments). See Gmail's page on Advanced Search for more details. You won’t have the exact same experience as Xoopit, but it will help.
To help you through this transition, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and resources here.

Thank you for using Xoopit for Gmail. We’ll miss you!

The Xoopit team

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