Do Something New This Month

Is there something you've been meaning to learn, but haven't? Are you letting Resistance stop you from beginning? Sometimes you just need a little push. Getting started can be the hard part... but it is so easy. Just start. Do it today. Use the calendar to give you that little push. You can do any thing for 30 days. Read a book. Write a book. Learn Yoga. Practice Meditation. Write a blog. Just do something. new.

In this TEDTalk, Matt Cutts will inspire you to try something new in just three and a half minutes. I dare you to watch it.

About Phil Yanov

Phil Yanov is a Technologist, Columnist and Public Radio Commentator.

He is the founder of Tech After Five as well as the founder and President of the GSA Technology Council and the IT Leadership Council.

His personal technology column appears in Greenville Business Magazine and the Columbia Business Journal.

He co-hosts the Your Day technology shows heard on NPR radio stations across South Carolina and is a frequent contributor to technology stories appearing on radio and television.