Days of Wonder Casts Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot Box ArtDays of Wonder has released a cooperative game based on the Arthurian Legend.

An unladen swallow flies across the gray skies of Cornwall… The forces of evil are gathering around Camelot – The Black Knight was sighted atop a desolate ridge; a scheming Morgan plots her revenge; Saxon troops are on the move; and acres of timber are being felled for the Siege Engines. And yet Lancelot has all but vanished, Excalibur is still to be recovered, and the Holy Grail remains just a legend. These are heavy times indeed…

The game is getting great reviews, so it looks like we'll have to give it a go as well. Days of Wonder produces a number of great looking board games that we like a lot. We've been especially fond of Ticket to Ride. Look for a review of Shadows just as soon as I get my gauntlets on a copy.

qv: Shadows Over Camelot
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