Podcast: Moxi or Tivo - DVR makes TV watching better

Miss Monday's Your Day radio show where Eric Rodgers and I spoke Moxi, Tivo, and digital video recorder? Never fear -- the link is here! The tech segment begins at 16:57.

As I mentioned, I am using a Moxi which I rent from Charter. Other boxes I considered include the Tivo. I quoted Alan Kay, on the subject of watching TV. He is a very clever guy, and I had the opportunity to hear him speak at a conference several years ago.

Update: We have already had to retire our first box and am glad we are renting it. If I had to guess, I'd say the hard drive on our first unit was developing a bad spot. Our programs would break up on playback. The repair person who came to the house replaced the box with a new one.

Replacing the box was a less than ideal solution since we lost everything we had saved on the first box. We also lost all of our programming which meant that once again we had to tell the new box which shows we like the most. Harumph!

Alert! Don't forget that Eric Rodgers and I will be LIVE on Thursday, February 9th! We will begin at 12:30 (or thereabouts) on WEPR 90.1 FM in Greenville as well as the other stations in the South Carolina Educational Radio Network.

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