eBay My World - A place to blog about your stuff (for sale.)

eBay has pumped up their About Me pages and is about to launch eBay My World with customizable layouts, blogs, additional bio space, and the ability to publish reviews and guides to your My World page.

The page layout tool limits options and thereby keeps the My World page looking clean and lean. Score one for readability.

eBay My World

The page looks so good and the idea is so simple you have to wonder why they didn't come out with it sooner.

Sure there are lots of places to blog. There are lots of places to blog for free. There are even lots of places to post pictures and related info about your auctions. But since (in the US anyway) eBay is the largest community of auction buyers and sellers, it makes sense for them to have a way for buyers and sellers to communicate with one another in a community setting. It might even help detect cheaters on eBay. For reasons not entirely clear, most internet crooks have really bad grammar -- now you can check their eBay My World blogs for typos and other signs that they may have spent their youth pondering larcenous thoughts rather than listening attentively to their English teacher.

eBay My World blogs support comments and RSS feeds. This will make it easy to add the blog of your favorite eBay eBay power to the RSS Reader of your choice. Since the Google portal has recently allowed me to add a second page of RSS feeds, even I've got a place to keep the posts for later perusal.

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