If Jack Chick and Stan Lee had a baby... comic

This won't make much sense to you unless you have seen and remember Jack Chick tracts lying in a truck stop, laundromat, or all you can eat buffet restaurant. These little comics are designed primarily to scare the Hell out of you so that you will start going to church, buy some tracts of your own and start leaving them around the truck stops, laundromats, and buffets you frequent most. It was viral marketing before the web. The message was easily remembered "You are going to Hell unless you do what this tract says" and easily replicated, "send us a few bucks and we'll send you a bunch of these tracts." It's a high fidelity chain letter that promises great riches, albeit in the hereafter.

Jack Chick and his famous pamphlets probably deserve a deeper treatment in this blog. They aren't going to get it today. Instead I point your attention to a rather clever parody of Jack Chick's work that alerts us to an entirely new Armageddon scenario.... We are all going to be eaten by a giant guy from outer space.

Read this and be saved: Galactus is Coming!

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