Yahoo swallows Bix -- Indigestion to follow?

Online contest and social networking website Bix has announced their intention to be gobbled up by Yahoo. Bix allows members to post contests and then have the community vote on the winners. Contests range from karaoke to poetry, from photography to stand-up comedy. As can be imagined, the range of quality of the submissions is dramatic. While the best stuff seems to be lifted from the usual suspects like YouTube and MySpace where they were previously lifted from the actual copyright holder, there are original photos, poems,and even stand-up comedy routines on the site. In August, when Bix came on as a sponsor to GigaOM, Om Malik ran a $100 contest where the lucky winner was able to post an entry on his GigaOM blog.

Bix has captured one very identifiable slice of Web 2.0 and user generated content and Yahoo decided they would like to own that slice.

Apparently the sale has brought them a boost to traffic, take a look at the Alexa traffic report:

qv: Bix

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