Vonage fighting for it's life in Court...

Om Malik reminds us that Vonage is in court today. Vonage is fighting Verizon's patent infringement suit which would cost them $66 Million, 5.5% in future royalties, and very likely their company. I can't offer much on the merits of the case. I'll leave that to Om and others. What I can say, is that I have no reasone to kick the Vonage horse while it's down. I'll say it now, perhaps in eulogy, I've had a good experience with Vonage.

You may recall, that I heard strange noises on my Vonage line back in 2004. Admittedly, these were early days for my relationship with VoIP and it took a bit of getting used to. Vonage was pretty new back and they were working out some bugs. Just a few months later I was singing a different tune. In March of 2005 I still felt like an early adopter, but I felt like my risk had been rewarded. The service was (and is) working and I was saving some cash. I still feel the same way today. I don't know if I am a power user of Vonage's home service, but I do integrate it with my GrandCentral number, and I have purchased from them a remote phone number which makes me a local call for my family 500 miles away. It all works pretty well.

Like I said in Om's comment section... I’d sign up for Vonage again were it not for the it’s apparent and impending doom.

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