Twitter + Spamtachments = Pownce

To: Pownce
From: Web 2.0 Users

It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here...(thanks Charles Grodin)

The irreverent uncov reminds us that Pownce is still alive, even if only barely. I might not have bothered mentioning the rather mundane continued existence of this particular Twitter clone, but Pownce isn't just a Twitter clone. It's an annoying Twitter clone. Think of Danny DeVito v. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Twins.

While I might Twitter or even Jaiku to my pals, I swore off Pownce because I kept getting useless links to attachments, pictures, videos, and other unwanted interruptions. Since they were unwanted, I deemed them spam. (Even my friends can spam me.) I thought that I might be outside of their target demographic and too remote from the "in crowd" to understand why some people might want this. It appears that I wasn't the only one who didn't get Pownce. At TechCrunch, Arrington muses that Pownce may be a dead pool candidate.

uncov's clever chart says that Pownce is beyond even the resuscitory powers of power blogger Arrington. The compete chart below suggests nothing different. I tossed in Jaiku's traffic for comparison. Even though Jaiku's traffic may be in the dumpster with Pownce, they can never die as the eternally revitalizing blood of Google now runs in their veins.

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