A quick and easy way to getting you to think about a better website (for free!)

Every week someone asks me what is going on with their website. Why do they have visitors, but not conversions? Why is it taking so long to generate revenue from the site? The answers can involve a lot of digging, analysis, and just organized thinking about the problem. When a large business is needing the help, then it makes sense to bring in outside help to speed up the process of getting a website to work.

For a small business owner, one who is planning to do much of the work himself, then that means also digging in to the tools you need to figure out where the problem is.

Google's website optimizer provides a toolset for testing ideas about what works on your website and what does not, and now Google is sponsoring what they call a website workout contest, but actually amounts to a makeover to show the power of the tools in action:

If you need a kick in the butt to getting your website to work, why not enter the contest?

via: Google Website Optimizer

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