What exactly do you use a Phonebook for?

I haven't had a telephone line with the local telephone company for at least four years yet just this week I got a phone book delivered to my mailbox.  How does that happen?  Does everyone get a phone book regardless of their subscriber status?  I remember in the days when I worked for a large company that phone books were delivered on pallets so there would be one for everyone in the building.  When I used to have multiple telco lines in the house, I always got one phone book for each number and can even remember calling the phone company and asking for the missing copies when they weren't delivered.  Now, I get a phone book and I at least consider dropping it straight to the recycle bin.  My wife cautioned me that we may want the phone book should the power / internet go out to the house and we are unable to Google our way to the number we need.  I think I'd still use my Blackberry and Google rather than a phone book, but maybe she is right.

What do you use a phone book for?  I suspect there are both intended and unintended uses for it, as there always have been.  I did look through the new phone book to see who still advertises in it.  I might find that tidbit useful one day.  I might even use the old phone book pages to light my charcoal grill.  Got any other suggestions?

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