Why your first blog should probably be with Blogger

I like my Blogspot hosted blog because publishing is quick, easy and requires no server or maintenance on my part. It's not that I'm lazy.  It's that I am completely in love with easy. You see, even though I have a substantial website in WordPress, dream of Drupal, and even occasionally write code in PHP and (gasp!) Perl, when I put my mind to collecting my thoughts, writing a few words and posting them online, I really prefer that the tool not get in the way.  That's why I like Blogger.

Blogger doesn't get in the way of my writing.  It offers few choices in terms of templates and layout. Since I am not overwhelmed with choices, I make them and then get on with the writing part. Even the new Blogger in Draft, which is a nice improvement over the existing Blogger doesn't yet offer any new templates. It does, however, let you establish a Google account, answer a few setup questions, and start delivering your thoughts to the web in just minutes.  I happen to think easier is better.

I'd guess that by now, all of the technorati already know how to blog, and they've picked whatever tool they'd like to fight over. At this point in my career, and on the call-in radio show, I am now most frequently asked how to start in blogging by those who aren't technical, but do seem to have something interesting to say. For them, I generally recommend Blogger as a starter platform. They may never leave. I, for example, started my personal blog in June 2002 on Blogger, and it and I continue with Blogger to this day.

About Phil Yanov

Phil Yanov is a Technologist, Columnist and Public Radio Commentator.

He is the founder of Tech After Five as well as the founder and President of the GSA Technology Council and the IT Leadership Council.

His personal technology column appears in Greenville Business Magazine and the Columbia Business Journal.

He co-hosts the Your Day technology shows heard on NPR radio stations across South Carolina and is a frequent contributor to technology stories appearing on radio and television.