How to follow the Top 50 Twitterers in Greenville, SC in just 2 steps.

Inspired by, ahem, myself.  That is, in the spirit of the post I put on the GSATC website which tells you How to Follow 100 Cool Twitterati from Tech After Five , I decided this was so easy, why not make it easy for you to follow the Top 50 Twitter types in Greenville, SC?  Here you go.

How to follow the top 50 Twitterers in Greenville SC in Two Easy Steps

1) Copy to your clipboard the following list of Twitter names to your clipboard. This really is easy, but if you need instructions, I have thoughtfully provided them: A triple click should select the list, then press Ctrl-C to copy.:
@_otis_, @10best, @aldenellis, @badasstweets, @benjaminkee, @bettyellis, @bigjonevans, @biztrek, @brainsonfire, @carolinaprgirl, @chadmcmillan, @chrissurratt, @creativechick, @DanWaldo, @DaveCruver, @dphamilton, @duncanwierman, @duncanwierman2, @ebedingfield, @effigyfarms, @geoffwasserman, @gilgerretsen, @greenvillenews, @howardfrist, @jasonprofit, @jasonyoung, @jmegonigal, @johnbechtel, @lildanny, @linkerjpatrick, @loonyhiker, @lydiabreakfast, @melbrooke, @missads08, @missdestructo, @mobilelifetoday, @nullvariable, @PortlandStudios, @pudgehuckaby, @RickStroud, @robertalexander, @rosebushdesigns, @sellphone, @squaredeye, @stevenpitts, @thebrandbuilder, @thinkhammer, @treypennington, @tvamy, @woodycrenshaw, @xybrewer

2) Go to and follow the instructions, pasting the list above into their big text box. Voila, you are now connected to the top 50 Twitters in Greenville, SC.

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