Google Latitude and Buzz are on for Google On Main! #LuckyGVL

For tonight only, I set my exact location in Google Latitude to on for anyone to see. Just in case you wanted to see where some of the action is happening. I think I'll be busy. but still hope to snap a few shots of you, the crowd, and post a thing or two to buzz and Twitter. If I can manage it, I will have my microphone at the ready so please do say "Hi" I'm hoping we'll have a podcast to show for it when we're all done tonight.

Thinkhammer on Google Latitude:

Here is a link to anything I get to Buzz:

You are following the tweets of the Greenville Twitterati as they tweet #LuckyGVL on Twitter, right?

See you there. ps: Retweet this post and find me at the event and I just may have a very small token of my appreciation for you! (while supplies last.)

ps: Anyone else think they're up for a Cigar at Halfway to Habana after the google on main has glowed?

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