A powerful technique for understanding the values of those you work with

Recalibrate Phil Yanov
I got introduced to a powerful technique for exposing your values and those of your co workers in an attempt to recast the nature of your relationship. Tom Schulte led our executive session and I walked out with a deeper appreciation of how I think and how I can use some simple procedures to better understand others and engage others towards my cause or project.  It's pretty easy to get caught up in the project and forget about the needs and values of the people you work with.  I think Tom has developed a program that gets you focused on getting people listening and aligned.

I ended up with six cards worth of values that are important to me and I artfully arranged them so you could see a sample of the output of the process.  (Really, the output is your changed behavior, but the cards ranking your values are a pretty cool artifact.)

I found Tom's program to be powerful and compelling. It's a valuable tool for bringing teams into alignment.

More about the program at recalibratenow.com

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