One Easy Way To Keep Contact Information Current

Knowing and keeping up with people is important to me. I like knowing awesome people and it bothers me that I lose track of them from time to time. Even though I scan business cards, use LinkedIn, and try to keep my address book up to date, people move, change jobs, or otherwise slip my net and I lose them. I typically find out when I got to call them or shoot them an email and see that my address book has info from two jobs ago. Grumble.

Keeping contact information up to date can be a chore. (so it doesn't get done.)

A few months back I found a sleek tool for keeping my address book up to date -- automagically. It is sleek, fast and invisible -- and I just don't get to use the word "automagic" enough.

The app I use scans my GMail emails, looks for contact information that people typically put in the signature block of their emails, and then compares it to the data that's in my address book.  If changes are needed, it sends me a daily roundup email of all the suggested changes and I can approve or ignore them.

It's awesome.  It's Evercontact.

evercontact logo

So far, Evercontact has updated more than 470 contacts in my address book! I might have lost these people. I have certainly saved many hours that I might have spent updating them manually. If you spend time going to networking events, meeting people at conferences, or even making contact with them on LinkedIn, I can't imagine why you would not want to give the Evercontact free trial a spin. you might not know who you've been missing.

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